Moneymaximiser Limited

moneymaximiser limited is the parent company behind

moneymaxim was formed back in 2009 to act as an independent and impartial voice at a time banks, energy companies and insurers all seemed to consider customers as pure money making opportunities rather than trying to form a lifelong partnership.

The team at moneymaxim have developed that concept over the past few years, and as well as offering all the services you would expect from any comparison site have concentrated on areas where they felt customers were getting poor value for money.

Car Hire Insurance

Our unique car hire insurance comparison service has led to much praise from financial commentators and press, including mentions, amongst others, in the car hire section on Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert website and Fred Mawers Crafty Traveller column in the Daily Mail.

Gas and Electricity

We introduced our outstanding Energy Monitor service back in 2010, offering free and regular reviews for our customers,ensuring they were always on the best tariff. Whilst the government continues to promise action in this area moneymaxim customers have been saving money many times over by using this service.

Car, Home and Travel Insurance

As you would expect you can  drop into the moneymaxim website to save money on all your day to day expenditure, from insurance to your personal financial needs (credit cards, loans, ISA's and savings products).

The much praised moneymaxim team are of course on hand to provide all the help and guidance you might want as well so why not pop over to today.